i like sean penn. he gives this brooding persona onscreen, engaging his audience to pay attention to him. he can’t give a damn how people look at him or how he looks. he looks horrible, with tousled hair and face with creaky lines and eyes that bags. (sounds like me.) he can’t give a damn about authority and whatnots, as long as his ass is not on the line, or any whereabouts.

i went to catch the interpreter. i couldn’t see a more obvious indication what the movie centralizes on. an interpreter, duh. the plot was a bit mismatched. interpreter overheard something, reported it, agent got suspicious, worked on the case, had feelings for his subject, suspect got caught. how straightforward is that? the plot didn’t interest me, actually. everything seems a bit vague and there were little twists to make a big impact on event proceedings.

i did like the acting by both main characters however. both exuded hurt and despair and trying their best to overcome their emotions. at best, they were trying to erase the ghosts of their past by dealing with the present which unintentionally brought them together. sean penn looks dumbfounded with little lines, but that’s him at best. he looks intense. nicole kidman looks serene and bright, but purposely or not she keeps hiding a lot of material for the viewer to identify.

she rides a cute scooter though.

and i wonder what is the possibility of an agent involved with a high-risk ‘espionage’, who just lost his wife only 2 weeks back, can develop a deep feeling for a mysterious woman – a very hot chick who spoke with a foreign accent – whom he didn’t know what her intention was. aaahhh, the benefits of working at the united nations. now, that’s a satisfying job i tell you.

you are in new york. both of you are single. and smart. and say witty lines but kids, bear in mind, you are not on the set of when harry met sally.

i see better hair with a green bottle.

i amik off hari nih, but you nak break up ngan i?

next stop – the assassination of richard nixon.


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