as expected, bloggers everywhere will put in their 2 cents worth on the casino topic. wah liau, how i want to stand out now? lemme see, let’s try something radical in trying to be “uniquely poseurish”.

i read with interest (again) the main drive for the gahmen to pursue this is because they want more money. money speaks, money rules, money everything. u do good u do bad, they don’t care. as long u give them money many many they will be happy. so in light with the FTA agreement they sign last year with chile right, i say why not they start to deal in the drugs industry too? now u have straight route to latin america, sure can deal easy easy one right? i tell u ah drugs industry give 60% GDP to latin america ho sey liau. u look ah at the movies, all those latino drug cartels all super rich rich can even buy small country. got private army sumore. best thing u don’t have to invite tourist to come here. u just package the stuff, export it out then proudly stamp “made in singapore product” with ISO 9001 approval somemore. mat drug happy, high class drug takers happy, dealers happy, all happy. i tell u, if this one go ahead u dont have to wait till 2009 to see the results. next week already you can see one, don’t have to wait long long.

*i am soooooo suuuued.*


3 thoughts on “111390301237072681

  1. didnt you know?
    they’re already growing weed in military camps/islands?
    and why do u think they’re so into the sciences?

    *i’m soooo suuuued!*

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