if i ever had a kid, these are the few things that i want to instill in him/her for his upbringing.

1. i will buy the child clothes with cards designs on it so he can identify the different types of concept of card characters. start them young.

2. dice and roulettes will be used as cuttleries in order for the child to familiarise with the disposition and technique of the game.

3. instill robert de nero as the child’s favourite actor. or maybe chow yun fatt. for b-list actors, mebbe we can show james caan on tv. but please not li nanxing.

4. for child development intelligence i will proceed with the child the art of bluffing. tell lies, look cool under pressure and know (the most important) how to cheat well.

hopefully the goverment will start a scholarship plan for talented child gamblers in order to attract the public’s and international’s attention. we have to be the best in everything right, so i would like to suggest the gahmen to start a new gambling school. if we can set up stalls, we have to educate them too, in order to pursue our land’s ambition to be an educational hub.

dear gahmen, why set up 2 sites when you can go for a royal flush by setting up 3 as well?


4 thoughts on “111383002383554170

  1. nonchalant: i like yer entries too.

    yang si gelap: kita sedang memikirkan satu konsep – buku yang takde konsep. jom, collabrate!

    darla: ooh duhling, i did once, then got defame warning. how leh?

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