the company for last friday night was great. and after a long while, i finally managed to bump into didi. as usual it’s same ‘ol, same ‘ol. there is one thing, however, that seems to disturb me though. for the night itself, i just could not get any groove to soak in the atmosphere. i am old, i remind myself. and these places seems to sprout the quirkiest kind of characters. there was this midget and his posse and as expected the syiok sendiri tension will arise. sometimes, i wonder what were on their minds as they flung their arms and make those 2 steps dances. attention yes, appreciation no.

i , too, was hit by the syiok sendiri syndrome, which happens often anyway. maybe i need more than 2 the next time, yes?

moving on, the handphone has been misplaced. again. hopefully, someone will invent a handcuff for handphones for people like me.

i love those cows that’s been placed on grass patches. they’re cute, adorable and so nice. each day as i pass patterson road to work, i’ll notice them grazing along. is it a crime to take one of those home? i would love to display it on my ceiling.

mooing along, i love the music of low. very soft, melodic and inspiring. i like it, you should too.


2 thoughts on “111374915956681071

  1. i’ve seen the cows too!
    it’s like there’re on every bare patch of grassy land.
    someone’s actually even put the cows in, erm, compromising positions over at chinatown.
    but wait, if someone can do that, it means that it can be taken out. hmmmm.
    are you thinking wot i’m thinking?

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