i was watching the news today and the main issue reported was the disintergrating relationship between japan + china / japan + korea / japan + hidetoshi nakata being a primadona he is.

seems like them making lots of tension moments don’t they, for a country that vehemently practices the art of zen.

come to the main point, don’t people realise what politicians do anyway? it seems any grudges they make or says out can create major, major repurcussions. either these politicians are made to be uber sensitive people or those who forgets the meaning of leading a country.

i say, you are not happy with that politician from that country, why don’t just book a flight, meet him and settle it amongst themselves there and then and not drag the whole nation into it. what about nationalistic values you say? say what…?? if you want to be nationalistic, how about this – go and set up your own country. now that can be a new idea for a reality show, ain’t it so?

and it comes to my surprise how is it suddenly the president is in malaysia all of the sudden. not that i was aware of, but normally if there was a state visit by an official to another country, they’ll announce who will be the person who’ll take over momentarily. either i was ignorant about that announcement or something fishy has been going on to pursuade the nathan to go up there. thousand apologies to identify you as “the”.

and gettis, they’re still showcasing the subjectivity of casinos. a special programme was telecast to demonstrate the good and mostly bad “things” that’s been currently made home in macau. for the love of god, i’ll say e n u f f of identifying this subject. just build it and move along cos everyone knows its going to be built. we are just waiting how the fireworks will be showcased on “the grand opening” of it already.

the morning express gave a pointer on regards why people are so obsessed with the idea of morality in building a casino when no one raises an eye over the issue of the geylang prostitutions. dear, dear djs, lemme give a reply. it all relates to the idea of money that has given this morality check. how much profit does a casino generate for THEM in comparison to those russian girls at lor 14 (i think). let’s look in this direction – it’s not about how bad the influences will generate from the establishment of these “institutions”, it’s more about how the power’s to be will be / are using their power to motivate the minor classes in order to benefit themselves. the rich wants to get richer and they’ll suck out every hook and penny they could gather from the people. i think that’s a higher morality issue to see rather than some vice, no doubt how bad it is.

god knows where will the money go to once the profits come ringing in. and as far as i knew there was never a debate in parliament on the effects of the prostitution ring or the plight of them plying the trade.

to be blunt, of these 2 which one would u rather get screwed?

i’m done.


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