well as expected, they lost. pity really cos i like their appearence on the telly with those funny quotes and antics. right on!

well at least we all knew who won it anyway.

moving on, i’ve this fetish for THAT singtel ad. godamn, that chick that one who dancing dancing in that lift makes me wish to be trapped in there. for hours. each time that ad appears, mr dol here will flutter flutter aksyen aksyen dancing dancing together together.

and so, with nothing to do at work today i went investigating – to find out who the heck this lady was. and the search ended when accidentally bumped into this.

not bad, not bad.


5 thoughts on “111293023348436552

  1. I have the same fetish for that ad too. Being the straight girl that I am, my fetish is due to that smiling hunk in the 1st scene (at the bus stop)…

    Right on, Jon Jonsson. Adui, dia dah nak leave S’pore soon, lah. Melepas!

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