“It’s time to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people.”

how could you not love a movie with lines like that? that’s marv by the way, my current affaciando.

sometimes, while listening to the morning express, it wonders me what goes on to the deejays’ mind. we have one who laughs as if he’s supposed to laugh for the sake of laughing, while the other tends to shake up subjects for the sake of bringing it up. there are some funny bits, but the rest? for example, what’s up with the top 10 lists? that is so passe man. and for goodness sake, minimise the volume of that laughter. i don’t want to wake up early in the morning to hear someone’s excruciating laugh for no certain reason whatsoever. what will be next on the agenda once they realised there is nothing left to shake the bird’s nest? how to sharpen pencils correctly?

of course i’m bitter. they get loads more money doing things i’ve ever dream off.

ive had this weak sensation listening to those heart strings songs. ya know, the one with very soft guitar sounds, or tender ivories meloding in the background, with vocals which came and went at a single breath and then suddenly solemnly fades into silence.

i love `em. every verse creates a melodic heartwarming drumbeat to the heart. seems these songs can be saviours after all.

recapping on events happened the previous week. i’m baffled with the fascination of chalet birthdays. i’m not against it, but 9 out of 10 times these events churns out the same scenarios.

a) people will just eat and wait for the food to be ready to be eaten.
b) after they ate, everyone will move into their own niches.
c) when they’re in their own niches, they tend to stare into the open sky, or if they’re bored will look religiously into their handphones.
d) ghost stories are a must, no matter how ‘world’ they can be.
e) worse of all, get drunk. i dun get that.

that’s about it, i think. i’m not sure about any shennigans happening around whilst there, but nuthing much develops anyway. so come to the point of question – what is it with chalets? food? drinks? yabadabadoo? tell me please cos i’m always at lost while im at one.

bucker up.


One thought on “111288799772113421

  1. This is kind of belated, but true what u blog about. I never know what to do during birthday chalets, esp if it’s someone I’m not close to, because I would end up just standing around not knowing what to do.

    Someone should write in to Straits Times Forum page and ask the Gahmen to ban birthday chalets. Hahaha.

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