it’s a TNT definately

i’ve lots of things to do.

a database to complete, reading up on server 2003 manuals which till now i use it as a paperweight, schedules to schedule (?!), training presentations to prepare, avoiding the boss for deadlines and the list goes on.

such much much to munch.
such many responsilities.
such dedication, concentration, and any other mention.
such professional wannabee.

but i’m msn-ing. :>
and looking for shoes.
and chickening to speed.
tonight! yeah!

and should i mention too, the wait for 10 years for tortoise to come is, unmentionable. there’s nothing to describe or say. it’s the same feeling when you’re too high to feel but you still have to come down to reality. no wait, that’s how i felt.

the band did 3 encores (!!) and such a sport. the xylophones were great and if i were to get it, it’ll be a nice housegift. -notes-

my only gripe? the seating arrangements. such with all this brou ha hah about being the best – or sorts – performance place, i was really, really disappointed with it. 500 million bucks on taxpayers’ money and all they can do is to place the seats 90 degress to that of the stage. and what’s up with the krusi-pak-awang-style seats? and it’s so small! and wooden! and thus uncomfortable. the old capitol theatre has a much, much, much better seating arrangements than this durian thingamagic.

i have a strained neck now and if possible i could have picked some of those drumsticks and hit it on the architect, or whosoever.

ok done.


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