i’ve nothing to do except to think about work, so let’s distress.

by spewing out nonsensical topics.

such as:-

1. why are porter bags so the farking expensive one? very bo liao hor.
2. why poseurs like to wear that yellow band thing ley? they all into the kaballah cult ijjit?
3. why no store want to bring in salomon xa pro shoes anymore? that one good shoe ley.
4. why my system keep giving new problems one? die die.
5. why must declare love public one, like as if there is no world tomorrow? very eeeyur hor.
6. why im so bitter ley?
7. why must say back to work after typing leh? haiyah, jialat hor.
8. why the gahmen can let loose a convicted man for so long one, to another country somemore? how to look for tellerlist when a molester (allegedly) can be set free one?
9. why must still discuss about casheeno when everyone know it will be build anyway?
10. why the 40 dollar import cigarette taste very lemau one?
11. why, chicks on speed coming ley! and grandmaster flash too! and tortoise! hurrah!

-snigger- back to work.


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