the amazing fanatic of the amazing race sobbers.

they had to be the best people ever seen on tv.

so lovable (awww..). she looks like a young britney spears (yum) while he has THE coolest threads and vocabulary. (schweeeeeeeeeeet!)

he owns a bar in arizona. now, it does make sense if i have the money and head down there to shake his hand. he makes panic situations so inducive, it could comatose a fidgety cat. how’s that for a dude? *schweeeeeeeeeeet!*

how wonderful it is if the producers call them back for the next installment. last i heard it’ll be an all-star cast-whatever which includes that media-whore-publicity-driven rob and amber. oh and that jonathan and whiny victoria too. how that happened baffles me so.

but i’ll flip if they call her.

but whatever, wait till march 1st for season 7.



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