syed alfiee said

and so mission is not accomplished.

why, oh why, oh why, everytime, and i mean EVERYTIME, i wanna to catch a film that i like so much (per se) it wouldn’t materialise ‘cos:-
a) timings are way too dodgy
b) screening ended without expectation

however, monday afternoons are great to sit at a show and just gaze on. and luckily, mr law did save the day. granted, it’s kinda good.

“i’ve got money in me pocket,
some nice threads,
a car at my disposable,
and single, unattached.
what else do i need,
perhaps a peace of mind.”

till the last end, it did strike upon me senses (per se again) on how the fuck you should look at life. or sorts. being this nonchalant, commit-phobic and unfortunate-ugly, it somehow reflects me, on something. i think. maybe. should i think though? nah..

anyways, i’m always fine, always.


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