Millions Now Living Will Never Die

spread the word.

tortoise is coming.

tortoise who? chekkit zee tracks.

let’s bring back 1996.


hours of mindless surfin can bring empty ecstacy you know. like for instance, i found out i could not wait for april to arrive.

for this. trailer.

so whet your appetites alba fans.

oh, and this.


the cetak rompak guy strikes again

alrightidos, i’m on a downloading spree.

now let’s see what i’ve uncovered..

1. garden state
2. the machinist
3. napolean dynamite

and oh yeah,

4. mean girls (sometimes ogling at lindsay is not a crime) :>

well, those were 2004s. but i like `em. especially garden state. and you know why? because it has this dude from that show ‘scrubs’ in it. i like that zach. he’s funny. and i also like scrubs. no, mainly the reason why i like scrubs is because i like to watch comedy set in a hospital. but i like to watch e.r. and chicago hope too. sometimes i watch general hospital. no, no..i think i like hospitals. maybe, as i have this fascination with the smell. very “medical” and clean. heck, when i was admitted to the hospital (3 times), i pleaded with the doc not to discharge me. he asked why, and i replied “i feel clean here.” no, that’s not the point. i think i just like medical people. they look white and clean. and it doesn’t hurt they’re cool too. and yummy. yah, maybe that’s the reason why i like the show.

no, wait. i think it’s because the reviews i read was kinda good. a bit late yah to appreciate it? but, well, better than never. yes, it’s a wholesome lovely story with a lot of emphasis on the daily life. or whatever. the pace is very comfotable i might say. it’s like you feel you are in the show, ya know? and, oh! oh!, the soundtrack is quite chill out too. the coldplay intro really did work for me to kickstart everything. adn the shins too. oh yes i love the shins. and, yah!, the part when the people are smoking pot and then sophie barker’s sweet, sweet voice started to sing “in the waiting line”, it was oh! so rad.

yes? no! i guess being the bullimic-porn i am, i like it so much is because of the fact natalie portman is so good. beautiful. ravishing. entertaining. smart and she looks seductively innocent. word to your momma.

and did i say napolean dynamite too? i’m struggling to figure out what is this all about. maybe i should watch it for the 3rd time to grasp on eveything. but i loveeeeeeeeeeeee the intro song. yes, i love suzy lee. and it’s a legendary fact that i love kitschy stuffs. yeay!

i have yet to watch the machinist. period.

now hold up. why am i writing like a nancy boy seeking attention?

blame it on reading notes and trying to learn by yourself. and reports. oh i hate it.

pardon the grammar, peace out.

how did we come to this?

it’s a bit late to join in the anti-bush bandwagon i realise. however, seeing him making the “inauguration” speech, made me realise that, it’ll be kinda chic to join this club.

and check out, whoa!, the sites dedicated to this movement.

me personal fav is this. very vocallic leh.

now kids, let’s sing to the chorus.

Bury it
I won’t let you bury it
I won’t let you smother it
I won’t let you murder it

Our time is running out
Our time is running out
You can’t push it underground
You can’t stop it screaming out
How did it come to this?

syed alfiee said

and so mission is not accomplished.

why, oh why, oh why, everytime, and i mean EVERYTIME, i wanna to catch a film that i like so much (per se) it wouldn’t materialise ‘cos:-
a) timings are way too dodgy
b) screening ended without expectation

however, monday afternoons are great to sit at a show and just gaze on. and luckily, mr law did save the day. granted, it’s kinda good.

“i’ve got money in me pocket,
some nice threads,
a car at my disposable,
and single, unattached.
what else do i need,
perhaps a peace of mind.”

till the last end, it did strike upon me senses (per se again) on how the fuck you should look at life. or sorts. being this nonchalant, commit-phobic and unfortunate-ugly, it somehow reflects me, on something. i think. maybe. should i think though? nah..

anyways, i’m always fine, always.

lancong lencong

anda ada duit?

mempunyai banyak masa untuk diluangkan?

bosan dengan keadaan seharian yang biasa?

ingin mendapatkan keriangan yang tiada bandingan?

masih menggatal?

jikalau jawapannya ada “YAH!”, dapatkanlah pakej-pakej yang kami sediakan untuk melancong ke destinasi-destinasi yang kami telah syorkan, khas untuk anda!

klik disini jikalau anda berhasrat sedemikian.

sila hubungi 6-GEREK-AH Travels sekarang juga untuk menikmati promosi kami.

(*pada mereka yang telah menerima wang CPF, kami juga ada promosi “bilang bini tanpa iri hati.”)


lest believe, women love men and vice versa.

BUT, there’s a barometer for each requirements.

some women change interest very fast, from one to another.

fleeting love i might say.

however you women out there, it’s good to love and be loved, however fleeting it’ll last before you move on to find another “catch”.

as long as you don’t happen to love this guy*,


david heh-heh-heh-sell-off!

*please fill in your requests below.

ironic gee

flaunting one’s superiority is the fad everytime.

so let me flaunt my intangibles, in the so call cool-ulterior-high-carb visionary.

starting with my decision to either watch this,

or this,

while dancing to this.

it’s a perfect world anyway, where relieveness and purity of a new era has to be spread for others to acknowledge.

as for me, i’ll just addict myself to porn.

live well livestrong bands-wearers.