he speaks!

a new year beckons, but in some manner of a badly written movie script, some things will never change.

1. malay politicians still insist of the term, ‘melayu baru’. i’m telling you this, there is no such thing as a ‘melayu baru’. if you were to ask me what is the real meaning of that i would say it’s someone who commits to every single viceful sin, but in relevance they know how to cover its tracks back and hopefully start from zero again. i know, i’m one of those. what’s the relavance of potraying ‘successful’ malays every other month in the ridicolously inane of content paper that is berita harian? are the editors too ashamed of the status of the community that it has to potray some success in order to keep this spirit up? this, in practice, seems to be like any other cosmetic cleanup just to cover its cracks. and be sure the cracks are still for everybody to see. i may be the least of credentials of people, but it takes one swindler to teach the other one. that’s to say, to clean, you have to show. let us be ashamed. let us be merciful. but, as all in media has proven, if there’s proof everyone will chip in and dig deep and hopefully the problem would be solved.

2. i have nothing against the khutbahs thats being sermoned every friday. but this mind of mine wonders, who listens to them? in all my life, i’ve seen pakciks, datuks, braders and kids wonderring around in their mind – and me in my sleep – when these sermons are served. it’s not recommended i agree, but who’s to blame? sermons called for us to be improved, to seek for enlightment, to strive for stability in live and the aftermath, but i digress. how many more shall we listen to this over and over again? have these sermons become stagnated? isn’t there any other way to revive these attendees to wake up and listen, every other week? it’s part of our duty to perform our religious servings, but it’s another for leaders to inject that vibrancy. what benefits, when attendees aren’t focussed?

3. berita harian. just a suggestion – you need some really radical changes. yusoff a. rahman has been sitting far too comfortable, me thinks.

i may not change, but that is a personality issue. leaders have to change – they affect everybody. continuity is not the only option, but just a slight avenue for everyone to benefit.

my wish, have a broader mind you 100k per annum office bearers.


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