let us ogle.

now now boys, keep your tails down. let us ogle at natalie portman here.

ooo la. la. la.

i’ve a question to those mediacorp execs. what happened to those money generated by their viewers?

it is so convenient for execs to rip the public’s money to generate their own interests. how is this fair when someone is allowed to vote more than once? the very essence of validity doesn’t apply anymore. you may argue that singapore may have generated its very own superstar or sorts. yes, at the expense of people’s pockets – and into yours. and the worse part is, the winner (lest i heard) won’t be taking back some parts of the huge amount of sms money. imagine this, you’re invited to a function to perform and not being being paid after the event. so much for intellectual property rights.

does this mean too, we have to pay for the government elections in 2007?

i’ve never doubted the abilities of the contestents. good they may be, but people have been asking me why i am so against the relevance of this circus. singaporeans, in general, are only interested to things that have been mass produced and served at their feet in the notion of conveniency. only things that are well-knowned will be perceived as good and reliable, no matter how defectful the product is. the importance of face value will forever be etched into everyone, as long as events like these will be generated.

and how i pity those who deserved more, but do not have the power of a face value.


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