arcade fire – funeral

i live for music.

the junctions parts of my life are totally inept towards the development of music. i thrive on hearing new things, and to a certain aspect, it does coiincide with my direction of life and how i would like to view it.

though my knowledge of music may not be as deep as others, and i’ve missed the boat on the exclusiveness feel of led zepplin, black sabaath, joy division, the smiths et al, i do can recollect the joy of finding something new, something recent.

the first of the lot that put some effects into me is r.e.m’s automatic for the people (1992). the first time when i heard man and on the moon, i was totally bewildered. lost. and i love that feeling of lostness. it’s like your life is mapped out on this map, but you couldn’t go anywhere because you do not have the compass. and, admittedly as a sentimentEl man myself, i did wail the first time i heard everybody hurts. now who wouldn’t? unless you’ve a cold.

the second album that made me cringed was that of jeff buckley’s grace (1994) album. should i declare, in my part, that this is one of the most engaging and inspired records ever made. a content of someone who is so deeply into his dreams, and 10 years down the road the songs still remain fresh and relevant.

the third and fourth album that reflects on my changes are that of radiohead’s, the bends (1995) and ok computer (1998). now, i’ve guessed tons of people already knew the contents of those albums that are figured, so let’s not talked about that. though i would love to mention street spirit and let down will always have a special mention in my heart.

and that was it. the last album that totally blew my mind away was in 1998. though prior between then and now, there are select groups (mercury rev, bright eyes, wilco, xiu xiu) that’ve interest me with their raw energy and emotions, but nothing has evoked my senses as much.

that was until i came about to know the arcade fire.

the melodic sounds just blew me away to pieces. sweet sounds are contrasted with emotional lyrics, and voila, it made me numbed. totally. how could such sounds being blessed to this mind i have not understand.

the music reflects the question of ‘how do we get here?” and though it didn’t answer, it does show why it happened.

i guessed what the songs are trying to say is that we feel nothing most of the times. but when it comes, we do not have control of it.


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