blueberry boat

there are 3 types of genres in the music industry.

1. the cool midtempo that doesnt want any publicity
2. the so call indie type but does intent vehemently to get identified by consumers
3. pop acts who are meant to be loved by small kids

i hate groups that belong to group 2. why? it’s the simple fact of these groups proclaiming themselves as alternative and the so call away from mainstream..

but no wait sir, i see your videos being played lots on mtv. and you seem to love the spotlight.

so what does this mean? it means that even though on the exterior they are perceived as being cool and kitschy, deep down inside they craved for attention and would love to instigate any loopholes to appeal to the masses.

so what does this mean?

it means that i, shariff dol, is intending to hype himself to catch blue live in singapore.

i hear gasps already being alerted.

you may ask, “what the fuck are you thinking of??”, but let me assure you of the reason.

you see, i do like (some) pop artists. why? simply because some of them are catchy. i used to like take that (a lot), human nature (gasps), n*sync (circa 2001) and god-noes-who-else.

why you may ask again? you see, pop artists are meant to be consumerable. it is meant to be sold. and when the artist know themselves better that is the main purpose, it somehow degenerates the notion of pretentiousness in them. it’s not like those so-call-cool bands who talk fuck off about consumerism and bullshit, but yet promotes their brand to the consumers – at mtv of course. and these blind consumers will look at these so-call-cool acts as inspirational and dig into their concepts without realising, “hey this is pop stuff in the first place.” and come together will be all the adjectives of cool being tagged along.

besides, i like some of blue’s songs.

If loving you with all my hearts a crime
Then I’m guilty~

so see you there.


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