if there is one thing that you shall not do while at home AND having a fever, it is to tune in to days of our lives.

man, that was one hell of a mindfuck one hour. the plots interchange from one to another like a snap of your twinky toes.

by the time the show ends, my fever got worse. and for a small dose of useless fact, there was this character on crutches who looks bafflingly like that of this Leto guy. go figure.

oh yes. today is the last day of the burning season. you know the one wer those manjens go out and burn stuffs into the sky?

at least this year (in my neighbourhood, at least) is not as bad as previous ones.

how is that possible?

well, since Ah Seng Lee is tha Pee Am, the precinct has been installed with these bins for them to burn into. now the place looks more like a harlem ghetto with people gathering around fire sans the hiphop music and skin colour.

in light of this situation, i’ve developed this idea for next year’s celebration. i would like to suggest to these manjens – why don’t they just BOMB the whole items, instead of just burning them?

it just makes sense right?

i’ve developed this amazing idea after witnessing those videos of the jakarta bomb. after watching it, that event rationalises the idea that bombs are much more of an effective way to burn more. everyone will be happy. i suspect the ghosts too.

and to make this concept more appealing, we have lots of so-call-bomb makers around this region. last i heard there are around 10 of them around. why not engaged to their services and explore this opportunity?

now THAT’S what i call racial tolerancy.


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