damn. with anwar outta jail, there’s one less lame joke.

u noe the one wer it goes..

“indonesia makan mee apa?” “indomee!”

“malaysia?” “sodomee!”

u noe, datta one?

i read (with interest u noe!) that The Man had requested to view some footage of 9/11 and fahrenheit 9/11.

good done.

unfortunately (or should it be fortunately?), he had missed some mega events these past few years.

but don’t you worry, cos the sarip man will guide you.

first stop, u ain’t miss anything much.

“what? you asked about what happened to y2k and the millenium thingy mumbo jumbo?”

“well you didn’t miss much. heck, there was nothing to celebrate in the first place mah man. just some hyped up over the moon schiznits.”

“what? you asked about world cup and the olympigs?”

“damn mah bro! this ain’t nothing man. sports had become more diluted than that of pre-1998. but you did miss euro 2000. now that was something.”

“come again? sars?”

“well sir, it’s good that you were innit, as i figured out you’re safer there. so be glad, yah?”

“i beg your pardon? what happened to the utter crap that’s currently on tv?”

“oh that was nothing bro. the crap is nothing but the bull of reality tv.”

“yo checked malaysian idol? and you feeling pening lalat?”

“i don’t blame you bro. how could you not to with the conversation being to and fro conversed in malay AND english.”

“but if you want assuarance, let me assure you some things are still (about) the same.”

“now what may you ask?”

“that auditorium at angkasapuri bro! still looks retro. the only stumble block is that julie dahlan rarely performs nowadays. ”

“so tough luck there.”

(to be continued…)


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