since yoo kay is celebrating bank holiday, i too, would like to declare my own version, erm, NOW.

i would like to name it – faint weekend holiday.


for starters, womad was orgasmic. i’ve the feeling this was much better than last year’s. no wait, last year’s was a disaster.

for the first time, i think, i couldn’t give a hoot about sweat. you see, me, mr dol, is a very sweaty man. he can climb a single foot of stairs and sweat will trickle down. and ever the ultra conscious person he is, he’ll hide under his shadow (or any other shadow) to try his best camouflaging from vision.

and that normally ruins his day. weird, ey?

but not yesterday. i just soaked it up – everything. the mam was patrolling her own senses, and me swaying the arms like urkle on prozac. it’s quite cool. i can see zul (though he loves to call himself izel i dont now why) juggling his feet and doing his mid-90’s-revivalist-hrc-dance moves.

now that was a sight.

the 3 acts we were rooting for did not disappoint. i’ve seen wicked aura performed and, yes, i do look forward to see them. people may say, “BUT YOU CAN SEE THEM ON THE STREETS, YO!” but no, no man. u can see, but do you dare to shake it in the middle of the day with hordes of drivers looking at you?

i think not.

and so, i *dare* to jiggle. i think this was the first time i just groove to them.

*takde feeling paisey*

temple of sound was, alright. though, i didn’t much enjoy it as i do not like the idea of a stage too far from the audience.

but darra j was da bomb. oh i tell you, senegal can call me anytime. being the hip hop wanabee (yes i am, ok!) i could shake me ethics and strut the stuff. all the finger raising, high heeling, and stupid gelek turns turn out fine. and it didn’t feel weird to do line dancing, somehow. 2 steps to the left, 2 steps to the right, and everyone was feeling alright. african hip hop has this raw energy sans the sexual innuendos and pretentiousness thats being polluted by mainstream. *i detest!* as they say ‘you live by the mike, you die by the mike!’ *sapppppppp*

and of course, there’s da man talvin singh. he’s not a crowd pleaser. but i love it. sad thing is, his performance at the main stage was too distant for everyone to absorb.

but that’s not all. something even better got me spirits up to the moon today. and the reason is this. *faints*

now how could you not get excited about THAT?! *faints, again*

oh as a crowd pleaser that i intend to be (someday), enjoy this.



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