tahiti of the east

sometimes it’s weird.

we are surrounded with beautiful nature, but it takes those ang mohs to populace and commercialise it in order to get our attention.

and whilst asians(most), are fascinated with the idea of hitting the usual hotspots in their homelands, they are coming over to this region.

and (ironically), i’ve become inspired by them too.

you see, when i do my travels, i love to venture where (not much, as far as i know, but i can get complacent you see) people have not ventured before.

kira macam nak step cool lah.

my ideology is, why go to places where people (lots) have gone before?

macam tak cool kan?

why go to places where the scenary/smell/activities are the same as that here?

tak guna per.

i’ve a feeling i’ve gotten sick of going to thailand.



a) erm, the KOH islands have gotten rather polluted.
b) too many singaporeans
c) i’m sicked of ang mohs asking directions IN thai TO me

i tak bedek.

so whats the story u old fogey?

the story is i want to go here.

but there is a snag.

not too many individuals are, erm, not interested to head there.

“Apa sak tu tempat?!”
“Kau giler ke?!”
“Heh?! Takde tempat lain ke?!”

these are the normal responses i get. seems the idea of heading there may not be fulfilled.

but i do. i really, really do want to go there. before everyone starts raving about it.

it’s so beautiful. and i heard it’s ‘cheap’. or thought so.

i want to spend 2 weeks there and soak in the atmosphere.

not one night.

oh, how i wish. it’s coming to september, and now’s the time to plan for the year end holidays.

kancheong betol tak?


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