deep down inside, i really hate august.

no, not because that’s the time of the year where i’ll be pleading guilty of an older age.

but, it’s that time of the year where the ah chuas will do their annual glastonbury festival of sorts.

it’s cos of that sickening chinese festival of ghosts or whatever their fucked up minds want to name it.

as of today, my neighbourhood is enveloped with buckloads of ash. it’s like i’m in the middle of a forest fire. the worse part is, this shall continue for the next week and a half or so.

that is if i’m lucky.

that’s not all. they’ve erected this huge stage for these getai singers to perform. the last thing i need to hear is that of singers belting out songs which are not deemed to be sung.

oh, did i mention that the show will end at 12?

what is the fuck of all these man?!

granted, ‘thou shall respect customs (or whatever shit)’, but (HEY!), the last i heard from these white-shirt-people is “thou shall have religion tolerancy”.

tolerancy my foot i shout thou back.

how can i tolerate ash being blown to my doorstep. or screeching voices in the middle of the night. or mahjong or any other form of ‘legalised-gambling-for-the-sake-of-charity’.

we have these ah chuas who complain about wedding ceremonies being too loud (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY). or them being petrified by the safety from these ‘extremists clerics’.

heck if i want to safeguard my safety, i could write a petition to claim that these burnings are polluting my home and the noise is bursting my eardrums and making me an insomniac.



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