dear mr new prime minister aka ah seng lee,

i’ve some new queries:

1. why, ah, since the day when you are ‘promoted’, my favourite singapore website, talking.com, now no more already? you don’t like them ijjit?

2. eh, so when you want to increase the prices? don’t keep me waiting and suspens lei…

3. since you are my mp, will my flat value increase or not?

4. will slapping mama pendeks be a compulsory social campaign?

5. eh when you’re daddy stepping down ah?

6. have you ever asked wong kan seng how come his hair more stylo than yours?

7. can ask mediacork why ah yun nam hair care, of all companies, sponsoring the olympics broadcast? (hopefully you did not initiate that.)

8. both of your deputies are quite old already right..then if both of them die, how ah?

9. why your daddy name your name sound like “SIAN”? he very sian with u ijjit? then like that if straits times put headline “Lee SIAN loong ago with (insert regional leader name here.)”, will they get defamed for deragotary comments?

10. by the way, wer is devan nair?


11. how much u earn per week ah?

your true blue ang mo kioan,


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