mat pc tak boleh make it nak mintak tolong…

ive a muthafucken problem at work. at this rate i’m hating servers. darah up!

ok here is the problem.

i’ve 20 pcs connected together to 2 switches which then is connected to the server to the firewall and to the router. problem is during the time of the day, half of the pcs will experience no connection to the server and thus cutting off their internet connection. initially i thought there might be something wrong with the switches, but after testing each single node, it doesn’t reflect the problem.

after that i changed the dns address to that of singtel’s. initially it was working fine, but come after a few days the problem came back. i can ping to the gateway but i can’t ping to the dns server.

problem is this problem is intermittent. sometimes its up, sometimes its down. i will ping the system and suddenly without any notification the connection is back. sometimes it can’t.

what is the problem behind this? is it because of the firewall setting? or the affected pcs are corrupted? should i just set the sets to static ip? or is it just that the sets are just puki cibai?



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