one word: lame.

one question: why muthafucka?

one answer: all plans crashed. boom. bang.

well so much for internet booking. thing is the next you assumed everything is done, DON’T!

anyways, i caught this yesterday,

for the first time i can remember, cineplexes are giving the big brou ha ha to a DOCUMENTARY. i wonder. are these distributors more concerned about the theme or the kerchings(!)

well, everything is a sell-out nowadays. even the michael moore.

but, its kinda a good flick. cou;d’ve been better when a few months ago if not for the publicity and the media bandwagon.

oh, i wonder what will a goh-goh be speeching in tonites rally.

hopefully not much on its mind numbing retirement and oh, terrorism.

that’ll just fucked up my mind.



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