the lca bombed big time (again).

*habis semur gambar*

but nebermind, lo and behold(!), mr dol has a saviour.

mempersembahkan cik ros nye gambar

oh sebelum saya lupa..





since yoo kay is celebrating bank holiday, i too, would like to declare my own version, erm, NOW.

i would like to name it – faint weekend holiday.


for starters, womad was orgasmic. i’ve the feeling this was much better than last year’s. no wait, last year’s was a disaster.

for the first time, i think, i couldn’t give a hoot about sweat. you see, me, mr dol, is a very sweaty man. he can climb a single foot of stairs and sweat will trickle down. and ever the ultra conscious person he is, he’ll hide under his shadow (or any other shadow) to try his best camouflaging from vision.

and that normally ruins his day. weird, ey?

but not yesterday. i just soaked it up – everything. the mam was patrolling her own senses, and me swaying the arms like urkle on prozac. it’s quite cool. i can see zul (though he loves to call himself izel i dont now why) juggling his feet and doing his mid-90’s-revivalist-hrc-dance moves.

now that was a sight.

the 3 acts we were rooting for did not disappoint. i’ve seen wicked aura performed and, yes, i do look forward to see them. people may say, “BUT YOU CAN SEE THEM ON THE STREETS, YO!” but no, no man. u can see, but do you dare to shake it in the middle of the day with hordes of drivers looking at you?

i think not.

and so, i *dare* to jiggle. i think this was the first time i just groove to them.

*takde feeling paisey*

temple of sound was, alright. though, i didn’t much enjoy it as i do not like the idea of a stage too far from the audience.

but darra j was da bomb. oh i tell you, senegal can call me anytime. being the hip hop wanabee (yes i am, ok!) i could shake me ethics and strut the stuff. all the finger raising, high heeling, and stupid gelek turns turn out fine. and it didn’t feel weird to do line dancing, somehow. 2 steps to the left, 2 steps to the right, and everyone was feeling alright. african hip hop has this raw energy sans the sexual innuendos and pretentiousness thats being polluted by mainstream. *i detest!* as they say ‘you live by the mike, you die by the mike!’ *sapppppppp*

and of course, there’s da man talvin singh. he’s not a crowd pleaser. but i love it. sad thing is, his performance at the main stage was too distant for everyone to absorb.

but that’s not all. something even better got me spirits up to the moon today. and the reason is this. *faints*

now how could you not get excited about THAT?! *faints, again*

oh as a crowd pleaser that i intend to be (someday), enjoy this.


tahiti of the east

sometimes it’s weird.

we are surrounded with beautiful nature, but it takes those ang mohs to populace and commercialise it in order to get our attention.

and whilst asians(most), are fascinated with the idea of hitting the usual hotspots in their homelands, they are coming over to this region.

and (ironically), i’ve become inspired by them too.

you see, when i do my travels, i love to venture where (not much, as far as i know, but i can get complacent you see) people have not ventured before.

kira macam nak step cool lah.

my ideology is, why go to places where people (lots) have gone before?

macam tak cool kan?

why go to places where the scenary/smell/activities are the same as that here?

tak guna per.

i’ve a feeling i’ve gotten sick of going to thailand.



a) erm, the KOH islands have gotten rather polluted.
b) too many singaporeans
c) i’m sicked of ang mohs asking directions IN thai TO me

i tak bedek.

so whats the story u old fogey?

the story is i want to go here.

but there is a snag.

not too many individuals are, erm, not interested to head there.

“Apa sak tu tempat?!”
“Kau giler ke?!”
“Heh?! Takde tempat lain ke?!”

these are the normal responses i get. seems the idea of heading there may not be fulfilled.

but i do. i really, really do want to go there. before everyone starts raving about it.

it’s so beautiful. and i heard it’s ‘cheap’. or thought so.

i want to spend 2 weeks there and soak in the atmosphere.

not one night.

oh, how i wish. it’s coming to september, and now’s the time to plan for the year end holidays.

kancheong betol tak?

rapat umum yang tiada tandingannya

rapat umum hari minggu
pm lee sambut tamu
asik asik bebual topik yang lalu
tiap tiap tahun dengar sampai lesu

tengok dia pakai baju merah
tersengih2 macam cikgu bedah
angkat tangan macam nak angkat sumpah
eh dei..gi podah dar!

hey takde citer lain ke pm lee
citer lah pasal bonus nak bagi
baru rakyat tambah seri
then i bleh hidup bukan nak mati

apa kata bebual pasal naik gaji
ooops tapi bukan untuk para menteri
tetapi untuk pekerja yang tak pasti
lebih2 yang kais pagi makan pagi

wah civil servant kerja 5 hari
biar betol siak sidini?
ada tak bonus melancong ke luar negeri?
ataupun cuti 30 hari?
eh, eh, naik syiok sendiri plak si dol ni

||| |||| || | ||

the reluctance to say no.

everyone has their weaknesses. some indulge in shoes, some towards chocolates, most at sex.

heck, even superman has his form of weakness. but i don’t watch smallville.

i’ve lots.


but there is one that i can’t, and inevitably will not, be able to say no to anything.

‘dol do this for me, can?’ answer: ok.

‘hey you over there, care to help?’ answer: (pauses) erm, sure.

‘can you substitute for this class tomorrow?’ answer: (fucking hell) okay.


what is it with me?

it’s like there is a chemical reaction to say ‘yes’ whenever requests are put into my eardrums.

i can’t seem to single out the root of the problem. most depressingly, i do not know what to think when i hear The Voices of Requests.

and the worse part is, because of My Yeses, i’ve neglected my interests.

so how do u say no, firmly, without striking a discord of neglicence?



i watched an earlier episode of monk the other night.

needless to say, it was brilliant.

the writers of the show has this uncanny way to programme the viewer to follow the clues blindly and then (WHAM!) throws the answer, without any indication of expectations.

how cool.

and how so not ‘murder, she wrote’. though i do like angela lansbury’s acting. (SNAP!)

but i do like to watch ‘matlock’ though.

now what if matlock falls for ms langsbury?



speaking of murders and crime and killings, i have this sudden urge and interest for gore. ok, not al gore.

i love to see bodies being mutilated. how the skin ruptures to unseen violence. the way the cells and the veins screams out for attention.

ok enough about that.

but i like it.

maybe i should do the next career move in my schizo character life.

to become a killer. cool aye?


ok last piece of the story.

im on the jason bourne bandwagon.

saw both installments of the series for the past 2 nights. brilliant. just simply brilliant. and the soundtrack during the credits is so david holmes.

but at the end of the bourne supremacy, something tells me ‘hey, THAT shouldn’t happened!’

which scene you may ask?

it’s wer that lady officer picks up the fone at her office in new york. without looking at her caller id, she just picks up the phone and got her surprise it’s jay b on the other line.

now, i may not be a CIA super officer dealing with highly dangerous espionages, but the sense in me should remind this when a number that’s not familiar appears.


sounds ironic ain’t it so that super slueths answer their phones without verifying unknown numbers when they spend gazillions of money on high end technology.

oh well, that’s just me observing nonsensical things.


because i have not done anything at werk since 9.30 a.m.