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let’s see what i did at work today…

1. arrived late. no, make it very late. wait a sec, 1030 more like it.

2. then wat? oh nothing much just checking through the students’ accounts, then realised some five hundred bucks were missing, then finally realised it was not written down. that took 2 and a half hours. exciting!

3. then? became the despatch boy, depositing the money at your friendly neighbourhood bank. first time dealing with a new bank teller. heck, she’s hot. that took away 2 hours.

4. what’s next? did some bisness at the nearby mosque’s, erm, sanitary room. and threw away the cigarette butt fm the window. 45 mins gone.

5. ooooo..next? went to mr bean to get some Green Bean Biscuits. they’re orgasmic i tell you. had an argument with the seller. she insisted i buy the one which is on offer. 5 + 1 biscuits for $5. but i insisted her i only want 5 pieces. well, that took up 30 minutes.

6. after that? dilly dally back to the office. shake leg. read newspaper. do some testing on the db (nuthing much anyway). smoke break. that took up a few hours.

7. now? preparing to go home.

bleh mati sak kalo hari hari macam gini.


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