click and read and break

i’ve always love leslie low’s works. from the days of humpback oak, he’s the one and only voice i’d love to hear from the local scene. he’s different from most of the other local artists. lyrically and musically brilliant, the doode doesn’t give this outlook posterior of, “hey fuck it. im indie.” low down and hype free. now that’s how it’s meant to be.

the observatory will be playing today and tomorrow. oh, but too bad, tixs for tomorrow’s show has been sold out. my luck :`(

but wait, they’ll be performing again soon. problem is, the gig will coiincide with baybeats. i’m trying me best to avoid that as much as possible. i’ve nothing against local productions. but somehow, i can sense these ‘big pompous cool to the bones’ gigs feels cold, fake and thus pretentious.

but i guess i’ll give a soft spot for leslie and gang. it doesn’t hurt to see vivian wang live too. -drools-


somehow i’ve the feeling will ferrell is looking more like chevy chase..

i can’t hardly wait for it to arrive.

oh by the way, i like this. you should too.


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