today is Poseur Day.

and so, what do you do on poseur day?


and how to up your cred in society?

POSING jugak lah.

and thus today, i will pose the things that i deemed as poseurablish.

starting off with movies.

here, right before your eyes is a poster that i deemed as poseurable. i think by posting this up, hopefully, itll increase my cred in the eyes of the cool public.

see? don’t you feel cool already just by looking at it?

what you don’t?!

well let’s see how else we can up the cred.


ok i got it!

i’ll pose some new indie bands with new songs as part of the cool factor. you know the ones where the song titles always appear (somehow) in the posts?

well, here goes nothin..my poseur music listings.

the streets – dry your tears

madvillian – jack off

the walkmen – the rat

xiu xiu – i love the valley oh!

hmmm. i still haven’t feel cool yet.

maybe i’ll feel it after the amazing race.


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