the arowana suites – the end

today’s the last day at the arowana suites. u should witness the carnage. it’s worse than that of the abu ghabibababi (whatever the name’s of the prison is).

no wonder the fish went loco and decides to have itself dead.

time flies so fast when werk is not in the menu of the day.

but it hurts when beckham dodo decides to slam the ball directly to the goal.

it’s worst when bumbling heskey wants to play ‘trip him up’ in the dying seconds of the match.

it’s catastrophic to see dumb blonde james standing and watching the ball sailing past by him; maybe he’s posing to the thousands of flashlights.

it’s heartbreaking to see moi fav player gerard ‘why did i pass that’ to time himself to the worst pass of the year at the most unsuitable of times.

but it’s just plain dumb of me to wake up late and could not make it for a lunch apppointment with The Cha.

darn, its a cruel end to a wonderful 4 days.


3 thoughts on “the arowana suites – the end

  1. $13? tak bleh ah beb.

    pasal tu duit dah direserve untuk beli lokok.

    lagipun kedai mama dah ban gue beli mag dari tempat dia. pasal kita slalu koyakkan majalah dia.

    lepas koyak, kita cabut..

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