euro not europa tau..

ok here goes nothing.

kampungdusun will be offline for 3 weeks to accomodate euro 2004.

you see, the dol is a football fanatic.

but he can’t kick the ball. properly.

so as to reprieve his passion for the sport, he has elevated his attention to the other side of the sport: he morphed into the couch potato football fan.

he is only happy in june. and only when it falls on even years.

he hates odd years.


because the big soccer extravaganzas are only held in the years that is divisible by 2.

so for the next 3 weeks, he will sideline all priorities aside – work, food, entertainment, porn. he has put up a detailed schedule on the matches that will be played – the time, day, and even to the exact probable lineups of the team. he will be re-arranging his time of sleep. he will be exchanging food for footnotes.

but most importantly, he will be checking the odds. heh.

so for those soccer maniacs, come come visit here to check out the latest odds, match reports and whatever shit before u go and put yer wager. he will be passing on the tradition as done by the new paper. (those screw jocks mostly copy and paste other articles by british papers and charge us 70 cents for it.) he’ll hope it’s ok.

but don’t bang his door if the predictions went horribly wrong.

and till then, he’ll keep his unwashed jersey on hold.

(he silently supports eng-guh-land because he loves teams in white jerseys but his head tells italy might nick it due to history events)


3 thoughts on “euro not europa tau..

  1. you are not only football fanatic but also sports fanatic!! so with the re-scheduling… thur nites n sat nites you are OFF DUTY right? wahahaahah


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