terrorists instincts

things to ponder today:-

1. do terrorist organisations give medical benefits to their members?

are they by any chance subjected to any retrenchment exercise?

do they get a massive bonus blowing up things or sniping bbc reporters?

everything is corporate nowadays, ey?

2. i want to give a big kaneenabueycheebye to the executives of mediacork again.


because they’re telecasting the best of all tv shows, moi favourite, 24 at an ungodly time of 1230 am while stupid, numbless shows like friends (oops!) and extreme makeover are subjected to prime time.

maybe i should terrorise caldecott hill.

mr al sadr, u have me number?


8 thoughts on “terrorists instincts

  1. I tink u meet every criteria to be a terrorist!Oh if im not mistaken, u will definitely get a BONUS being a human bomb… just that remember to include my name in your will or else who gonna spend da ‘bonus’ right?? wahahaahah

  2. Forgot to comment on another important issue…

    ‘Numbless show like friends’ heh? okie… wat was da opps for….? hahahah actually i really wonder why you love to hate that show.. Just because practically everyone are engrossed with the good-looking characters or simply da story plot bores u? Well actually, i find dat u do not favour show which ppl are into… meaning u are hardly in flow with da crowd… u know what i mean… hahahhaah

  3. forgive me for saying this….you’re angst is adorable. you’re such a cute malay boy…how come hah?? rare find. tapi tak maulah jadi terrorist….not really the kinda thing i would like to tell my mom when i tell her i wanna marry you…heheh….i could spread u on a cracker and eat u up.
    sweet dreams,hang jebat… 🙂

  4. Memang betul tu…aku sokong pasal Extreme MAkeover. Cerita merepek. Friends pon sama jugak hahaha…

    btw encik sarip…saya dah link awak tau.

  5. the fish: hah! kita akan berunding ngan lawyer kita jikalau nak letak nama awak dalam surat utusan kita. :> it’s not that i dont like what people like uh. i just don’t like when things are mass hyped.

    raihan: eh sapalah dikau. seram sak aku.

    am: ok. segala royalti akan dialihkan ke dana senoman kampung dusun.

  6. takmau seram…terrorist mana bole seram sey…anyway,i’m not scary..just very amused by you. not very often i get amused by malay boy tau. and jangan khuatir, i won’t stalk u..i only stumbled upon u frm my fren’s blog ajer….and wen i read ur posts i tot, “Hmm….wat a lovely young man…boleh aku bawak balik tunjuk mak…heheh..”
    Ok…i know I’m scaring you BIG TIME now…I’ll stop.

  7. hana: linkity linkity link. how cute? does pockmarked face, balding hairline, oily forehead and no sense of dressing considered to be cute? hah.

    raihan: oh kita tidak khuatir. kita cuma seram kalo mak kita baca blog kita. nanti dia excited sangat.

    oh kita dah berumur tapi masih bujang lapok. ongkos tak de. hari hari makan nasi sama kicap.

    kesian kita..

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