tch tch

conversing with pri 3 kids nowadays is quite intriguing you noe.

me: hello nick.

nick: hello.

me: so, are you going for a holiday this june?

nick: yeah!

me: to where?

nick: i’m going to pahang! cherating beach!

me: wats nice there?

nick: can see sexy girls!

no kidding i assure u.


oh by the way, i hope this time next year i will be attending this.

clickity clikity click.


8 thoughts on “tch tch

  1. just where did you find this pri 3 boy? oh and btw, i *did* find a 9-yr-old’s blog. vair cute. got pictures of wrestlers all. LOL!

  2. well arent boys men too when they are all grown up? hahaha It all run in the ‘belalai’ blood.. c’,) >(((‘>

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