why it doesn’t pay to be a procastinator

scenario: all your mails will be deleted off from your account and reminders were given out 2 months ago to backup all your mails.

funniest thing: i’m one of the two guys yang kena tolong back up the staffs mails.

worst thing: kita nye benda sendiri terlupa.

current situation: all my work has gone kaputs.

lesson of the century: JANGAN JADI PEMALAS!



shopper anonymous

i think im the most unluckiest of shoppers around.

how so?

it’s either a case of:

a) the clothes dont fit
b) the designs (most of them) looks tacky ON me
c) no stock
d) the person next to me is hugging the exact item

i give up. nothing is suitable for me in the shops.

and if they were, no one stocks them anymore.


which reminds me something for tomorrow.

a plague will be released – ZARAPILITIS will strike at noon.

expect lots of makcik2/kakak2 petpots running across malls in search of the desired item.

so you’ve been warned.




earwax: andy williams – happy heart

hari sumer tak bleh carry…

niari bleh diijabkabulkan sebagai ‘hari macam sial’.

mengapa anda bertanya?

begini cik joyah, smalam kita ni dah sungguh lah berbetting itu sweden akan tekan itu belanda habis habisan.

jadi kita ngan semangat ah letak *ehem ehem* kat sweden. tengok nye tengok, mata pun dah tak boleh carry. lambat laun, bila kita tersedar, tv dah mati, matahari pun dah naik. bih lepas tuh kita tengok laporan yang belanda menang pasal penalti, bih gua nyah favrit abang zlatan terlepas peluang kaper.

tu tak per. kita pun bangunlah, siap sedia untuk ke klass tusyen. untuk pengetahuan cik joyah, kita ni abang2 ajar budak2 tusyen. budak2 menengah 2 lagi. nasib ah mak bapak diaorang kita ajar anak diaorang.

yang paling tak kena gaya, kita kena ajar diaorang kat ni masjid kat serangoon north. alamak, setiap kali kena gi ajar tusyen, kena mandi spesel beb. *hish*

jadi niari kita tengok diaorang nye perancangan sesi pertama untuk ni penggal. jadi kita, sajak sebagai abang step tutor, ngan semangat ah gi tempat tu, satu jam lebih siang. sampai ajer, azan dah berkumandang. alamak! kita pun step masuk klass, trus tak kluar. *apa nak jadi ngan kita nih, dalam masjid pun nak tipu, nauuzubillah!*

jadi kita pun siapkan lah itu nye ‘lesson plan’. dengan tekun kita siap tu benda, last last tunggu ah itu budak2 datang. tunggu nye tunggu, members sumer tak datang2. dalam hati, kita bilang diri sendiri, takper bagi chan, mungkin diaorang lambat sikit.

skali kita tengok balik, siak ah, dah setengah jam ni setan2 blum sampai sampai! jadi kita tepon ah kita nye supervisor, bilang dia eh apasal ni budak2 tak turun? skali ko tau apa dia bilang aku joyah? member cakap niari klass tak de kaper. citot buah laici. ni dah kali kedua ni benda terjadi. buat penat kita hempas pulas gi tu tempat.

dah tu ajer.


Whenever I look around random people’s sites, I am always struck by the number of people that slag off popstars like Britney Spears. It seems that they think they must hassle them (in the least witty way possible might I add) just to make themselves cooler.

The truth is, popstars are perfectly harmless. Their function is simply to entertain 12 year old girls who don’t know any better (they also serve to keep thousands of porn sites running, but I digress). No one is pretending any different.

So, I suppose you are asking yourself if Britney Spears isn’t the enemy, who is? I’m a negative bastard (have you noticed?), and I need something to bear my wrath. Well, my friends, I’m here today to say to you that the enemy is all around you.

And their name is Linkin Park.

In the pop industry, it is all very fickle and disposable, and hardly anything lasts longer than a year. Everyone accepts this, and as a result the artists end up making attention-grabbing songs, taking the money and running. Well and good. But now, Linkin Park enter the ‘rock’ scene, representing all of these qualities but with guitars, and it is threatening to end rock music as we know it.

Wait a minute, Linkin Park have cred don’t they? They are HARDCORE! Well no, they aren’t. And that’s exactly the kind of thought that makes them so dangerous. Everyone looks at the light fluffy pop and says that’s disposable crap targeted at kids. That’s EASY. But Linkin Park? Linkin Park are different. They are heavy.

I’m sorry, but just because something is loud or heavy does not guarantee it took talent to play, or is any good. In fact it seems to be the other way round. The thing that takes real talent is expressing all of the same emotion and intensity but without relying on noise to get you there. Examples of bands that I believe have achieved this are Tool (during the quieter bits), The Clash and the Violent Femmes. Noticeably, all of these bands have cred. There may be something in that.

The thing is, people like YOU are being fooled into buying this ‘boyband with guitars’. No one can blame that 9 year old girl for wanting the Backstreet Boys. She doesn’t know any better. But Linkin Park? Linkin Park is targeted at the 16+ and above age bracket. Come on, by this age everyone should be able to think for themselves and look a little deeper than the superficial advertising.

Shouldn’t they?