bing bing

someone once said, i behave like chandler bing but because of my complexion, i was called stupid gurmit instead.

oh the utter sarcasm.

anyway, it finally dawned upon me that last year, me and that fella used to have this argument/squabble/petty discussion (which happens a lot of times) that friends had ended in 2003. as always, she maintained that 2003 was the last one. *oooo..*

oh well, just a lame observance by me..

and thus, i believe 90% of the young adults in singapore will be glued to the tv sets tonite. while the other 9% will be doing a mock skit about friends, trying to eksen they are on the set of friends.

and the other 1%?

trying to get soulmates who look like anyone from the cast members of friends.

ooooh..the horror of horrors!


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