i don’t understand stage plays.
all those shakesperean dialogue makes me go woozy.
so it was quite amazing that for the first time, i actually attended one today.
all in the name to give moral support to a friend.
a really, really close friend whom i’ve attached for 3 years.
things are really cool between me and her even though both have taken different paths.
good job you’ve done jo.
but i still don’t understand what was the stage play about.
i witnessed that the actors, albeit one or 2 of them, are so passionate about their roles.
i wonder how the hell they achieved that.
being so comfortable with suspectful eyes looking at them.
if it was me, i guess the only thing they’ll see is my shiny, oily forehead.
and sweat trickling down.
all in all, it was a first.
so there.
and suddenly, i am really excited about going to kinabalu.
a nice change of scenery from the beach parties i’ve gone to.
i’ve still yet to touch snow you know.
well, we’ll see..


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