this and that

motown, at its best, gives me the best tunes ive ever heard. they’ve got everything – pop, soul, r&b, rock & roll. everything.

now i understand why my uncle was raving it during my yesterdays. though i’m kinda 20 years late to ackowledge that.

and so now my player is filled to the brim with them songs. from the commodores to the manhattans to the temptations to jackson 5 to marvin gaye to gladys knight to stevie wonder..and the list goes on.

BUT, do karaoke lounges serve these songs? if they do, i would like to, erm, sing.


and the weekend passes by in a snip. its kinda weird to have labour day on a weekend. feels short changed when the day that you are not supposed to work is stated as a NON – WORKING / PUBLIC holiday.

M.O.M. give me MY holiday back!


i was watching news just now, and really, i can’t stop to be amused at one of the segments. it so happens that the segment was the 2nd biggest headline of the night (!) a traffic policeman and a(n) abang potrayed as heroes. i applaud their actions, but the scenes that developed in glorifying them was like, weird, to say the least. the TP guy was practically smiling and containing his laughter non-stop, and the abang and his wife was posing in their van…i forgot my words….

….DAH MACAM DALAM DRAMA HINDUSTAN! but really good people of CNA, wat is the big fucking DEAL? will these two be potrayed in your next segment of Extraordinary Heroes or another spin-off in honour of True Courage? i’ve a feeling you are compiling these stories, so the next time if u guys lose ideas on how to fill in the airtime, u can create these time filler shows. and publicise these like mad. non-stop.


i think ive a theory why the nicoll highway caved in. have you ever wonder wer the heck these MRT freaks placed the disposed dustbins? well…it might be they’ve..


oh, XP is damn fucking crap. told ya so. never trust microsoft products when it’s STILL new.

slamat masih pakai windows 98.


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