a superstar

earwax: franz ferdinand – take me out

i’ve realised something.

if you often crave to be in the news, and you desire your face to be beamed over the telly, there’s a job which could satisfy your cravings. you’ll be able to witness the event on the first account AND you dont need to have a degree.

the perks you get being employed by them.

so, joinlah…


remember this name when the next crime scene is being telecast over the news.


i saw the news and goodness they’re STILL having up-to-date reports on that nicoll highway situation…which brings to my conclusion (to quote from talkingcock.com) that MediaCock’s Cibai Nonok Asses is happy in exploiting the tragedy to brag about the speed of their news crew.
BBC you are not. it’s done and over with.


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