1. to have the house by yourself is heavenly. if only the inflatable living doll didn’t burst.

2. i’m still trying to figure out how did guy pearce still look good in other man’s clothes in memento.

3. ms townsville is starting to resemble that of a pretty christina aguilera. if yer reading this, it was nice to bump into you. though hopefully the public didn’t think i was hitting on to a young girl. tapi barang baik.

4. mtv is making my gut sick.

5. i’ve been running reptilla on loops since last wednesday.

Now every time that I look at myself
“I thought I told you
this world is not for you”

5. oh, oh! wrestlemania is on tonite. i like to see goldberg wrestle.

6. i was watching this tribute about the cosby show, and lisa bonet is hot. i still remember when they telecast the last episode of the show, i was attending tuition classes at bedok town sec pleading with the tutor to release me early.

7. i’ve smoked 52 sticks since yesterday.

8. that actress from suria who has this step look in anak metropolitan really lives up to her character. tapi barang tetap bayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.


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