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heard the news of DPM Lee’s conference this morning on the radio:

“There is no syllabus in the real world. DO not concentrate on books and results to pursue your dreams!”

how annoyingly-fuckingly-bastardly-puki-mak-cibai-in-your-face is that?

we have a gahmen who changes his mind more often than a 70 year old granny. we have a gahmn who twists the plot more often than that of a soap opera set. we have a gahmen that forces to dictate every decision that we want to make. “No baby? Make baby!” when 20 years ago it was like “Got baby? Pay money!” and 20 years down the road it IS still the same people making this decisions.

and now we have the pelokek-prince-in-the-waiting addressing to suck-up-university students on how to succeed in the future. “do not just concentrate on grades.” how ironic is that? u have audiences who a) consists of scholars whom their target is to secure the government bonded scholarships whose target is to get that civil servant posts b) just refer to point a. moral of the story: like duh, they’ll be interested in these. or even worse, bothered enough.

these gahmen people thinks they are always right. want to be inclined to the arts?set up an arts school. u want to be an athlete? set up the sports school. yet, the main pre-requisite to enrol in these schools is that the child HAS to have at least above average grades. how do u gauge somebody that is talented enough by that? and now with this so call new emphasis on new learning, their main emphasis is still on the good old grades system. i’m not going to argue about the emphasis of these schools; the arguments have gone saturated i guess. all the media brou ha ha and yet is still the same old story.

elitists ALWAYS benefits more than the common people. (maybe they’ll make the gahmen look good when they appear in newspapers and tv)

oh, and SM Lee has dictated that SIA has to cut costs in order to maintain the vibrancy of the national carrier. well SM i can tell you this. cut down the pay of the executives to half and you’ll save more than $100 milliion a year. how much can u save by releasing ground people from their jobs? an executive monthly pay in the board of the directors in SIA is equivalent to that of at least 25 ground people. it may not make sense in terms of managerial duties, but just look at the math.

these high elitists putting up a front are just making me sick. and it’s spreading to the people. just look at the oh-look-how-many-pairs-of-tudungs-bags-shoes-i-have-and-how-wonderful-is-my-husband-to-be-car people who are mutating at an enormous rate.

somebody just help me switch off my life supporting machine.


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