Today in Parliament

1. to the person who initiated the end of the financial year coinciding with April Fool’s day – i wish that they’ll castrate your lungs ala buffy and feed it to the whatever it is that’s on fear factor.

2. to my boss who’s trying to instigate my downfall (again – what’s new?) by adjusting the major decisions affecting my time schedules according to his needs – i wish the haunted lady shown in incredible tales will give u a winning number and haunts you for life cos u greedy greedy man.

i think basically that’s all.

oh did i tell you that my dad keeps crickets as food for his “treasured” arowana? it just so happens that the cage fell – and now it’s empty. i guessed they are running around the house freely.

keluar ruang tamu, bunyi dah macam dalam kampung.

*cricket cricket*

oh gross!


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