Kid A jamboree

i like kids.
but not all kids. some of them can really pissed you out.
i love the cute ones; those with bubbly cheeks, smile effortlessly, amiable to talk with.
and i’ve loads of them here at my workplace.
and most of themwill come up to me and shout (what else?) “UNCLE AIDIL!”
which i do not mind at all.
and most of my time at werk are filled with their conversations.
like their favourite cartoons. or toys. or how they really hate girls.
and i like to play pranks on them too.
like hiding their bags. or scold them for no apparent reason. or faking that they’ve lost something.
and to look at their faces when i do those just makes me laugh.
did i tell you i’m a sadist?
but it was all in the fun of it. cos at the end of the day, all of them will laugh, and joke, and talked about non-sensical stuffs.

and ive observed one thing.
i realised 20 somethings jingys or whatever it is, loved to potrait themselves with these young devils aka kids.
some will put their bestests of smiles.
some will hug till the kid cries.
or on the verge of choking.
and it made me think.
either they want to show that “Oooo, i’ve a cute kid in my hands!”
or they want to show the paternal/maternal instinct on how they can bond to them so as to up-value their husband/wife-to-be-capability-points.
i dont condone them.
kids are nice. SOME.
but to put them as the trophy of your exclusiveness is just darn sick.

(i hear defamation suits coming)


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