landslide kaper…

i’ve a mate, and lets just call him A for liability reasons, and he was ecstatic that BN has made a whole fucken sweep in yest Malaysia’s electorals.

and i rebuked. “So wats the big deal?”

honestly, i’m really shocked and saddened by the lost of those dudes in white caps, again for liability reasons, lost in kelantan and terengganu. and why so?

for one, the establishment of a single party overuling the whole nation just seem to bear down bad, bad implications for everyone. monopolisation will just breed complacency. and how do those electors who won seem to promise the villagers, especially, those in rural lands? are they joining these electorals for the sake of joining the bandwagon noeingly the comfort of the big boss in putrajaya will sugarcoat their needs? well, we’ll see. but for as long as i can remember, some of these datuks in the persidangan are really muther fucken asses. (do i hear defamation threats? oops.)

to promise is one thing, to realise the promise is another. and voting for the big poppa will not benefit u (guarenteedly), but just that dude whose poster is up in yer neighbourhood (not big poppa lah. the minnie me).

and i heard a certain dr masitah (or isit mashitah), the so-call counsellor of the elites, won too. by a big margin. i think. not bad, not bad. and she promise she’ll do her whatever best to protect her constituency. which reminds me back in the early part of this year, that she wants to sue her neigbour because of a complain by them in regards of her extension of her garden. which reminds me, if she can’t adhere to her own blardy neighbours, what about the cnstituency, yah? oh, she loves to patronize arab street and purchase sockloads of clothes too. i heard she has a store in sg. maybe she’ll spend more time here than there. oh who’ll matters…

on the whole congrats to em. but landslide or not, just don’t anticipate much about this victory. it just got started. and big poppa, i’ve this suspicion feeling the reason of this landslide victory has something to do with you being in your first term. but u seem to be a nice dude. its just your money grabbing cronies which im suspicious.

and for those riding on the bandwagon of this landslide victory, hah, ive nothing to say.

my arguments may not make a whole fucken sense, but its just wat i feel. am i not entitled for my own opinions, even though how stupid it can seem from the surface. and im not a supporter for neither the big poppa or the dude in the white cap, and i really hate the idea of electorals no matter how much they adhere it as a muther fucken democratic procession. i feel electorals are just the bandwagon of promises of ice melting in the middle of the noon. these politicians are just fucken bothered about the mney they will be subjected to when they are in the undangan. to me, if you want democracy, do something when the community is in dire help, sans the media attention. now that’s something.

oh, and did i hear karpal singh won too? now that’s an interesting one.


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