pretentious photographer poses photographs periodically..

earwax: lasse lindh – c’mon through (thanx air!)

i am on a lomo spree. and its hurting me pockets. how i wish there’s a darkroom in me house. oh how i wish..

caption: masjid_sultan. on the way towards beat merchants. got lost. and round and round searching for the place.

caption: thats the view fm mah room. lazy. dark. and gloomy. and i don’t know how to remove the dusts and noise from the picture.

caption: and unexpected hybrid homosapien posing at starbucks in toa payoh. me, as always, engaging in some business acumen.


ah, the scandolous story of the day.

who in the fucken thought would have imagined that it takes 700 fucken men to search for 3 muther fucken men? if you want to see the level of kiasuness that is so prevalent in singapore, there, u’ve just witnessed it.

oh, but SOMEBODY will definately quote,

“This just shows our readiness, equipness, and whatever (beep) -ness we have prepared for.”

i wonder what they’ve preparing for all these while. maybe they’ll boast to their lurvers, “I gi cari perompak you noe!” and the girl will go, “Oh mah hero..i sayang YOU yang!”


and CNA (cibai nonok asses), the so-called news hub, were on their feet, as expected. to sensationalise this, is like, lame. oh how do they enjoy doing this. the reporters were like experiencing the story of their lives.

i wonder what they’ll do next if they come face to face with the wild boars there. maybe they’ll set up a fund.

oh whatever..


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