give me a B!

earwax: emery reel – a new beginning

ive a strange feeling that this trip cum football friendly will gonna be a screwed up.


because a) transport within the place has not been fulfilled and b) its fucken short

so how?

just hope for the best. just that the worst is already on the horizon.

i just can’t fathom the need of the football friendly whilst on a short break. whatever it is i will be backing out. hah!

and sorry my friend, inul won’t be there. though ive heard on the grapevine, there’ll be loads of clones around there. dangdut joy, dangdut!

Q: so what will be my theme for this trip?
A: a pot bellied unruly hair pakcik who just withdrew his cpf savings, looking for kicks.

Q: and attire please?
A: what else but not the typical pot bellied chee kor peh pakcik. As the list shows.

1. big ray ban aviators (!) can’t leave home w/o em.
2. flowery, faded colored collared montagut polo shirts, with internal singlets to protect the ahem, ahem from harsh conditions.
3. gold (tinted, of course) buckle leather belt
4. mocassins. dont ask me why.
5. and a big chunky gold chain
6. cigars

and i heard there will be lots of japoinese chicks (ganguros hopefully not) at the resort. or so. those inuls can go dangduts with the rest for all i can bother.

and as per normal i will be intoxicated. just hope that it wont screw up.

hope all of u have a fine weekend.


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