i looked at the clock and it says 230pm. the head is throbing and i realised im still in my clothes from yesterday. this room resembles that of a pig sty gone bonkers. i got up, and the mirror cracked upon seeing me. the reflection shouted a boy zonked out of the perspective.

i laid back and recalled the incident a day before.

*dreaming music*

togged in spandex and a cape, i patrolled the area in exclusiveness. with a drink in hand, i throbbed the scene with massive alertness, prying for preys of undisclosed indentification…

-snaps- wrong story i guess.

subversive was good yesterday.

but wat makes it better was the fact of the company i was with. my buddy/sparring partner/cubit enthusiast, yeah you, was hhh-appeehh-ening. i find it very comfortable. and next time, buy that thingy sooner i guess.

and for the longest time i can remember, i met MJ and her husband. are there any more cooler parents than you guys? AND, even longer for as far i can remember, i met my looooooooooooong lost buddy from secondary school. goodness, he can still recognise me and when i saw him, i was like “Holy Cow!”. I did not know if i should just hug him, but on the other hand i thought that may lead to different suggestions. But I was so happy, without any reservations. this is the guy whom i was with from the beginning of my secondary school days up till we finished it. the fella whom i used to take those walks along jalan besar stadium and petain road. the fella whom introduce to me to all kinds of stuffs that i’ve never imagined off. understated and humble, this is one guy i really look up to. and it doesnt hurt that both of us are called didi. well, i might be thinking of going to lombok now.

oh, and emma was massive init?


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