Yesterday…on TV land

TV land has encapsulated me these days. But if shows that were beamed yesterday will be the normal appetite, i guess i’ll have to turn it off sooner or later.

1) Trista and Ryan’s Wedding

Goodness. isn’t there a more fake wedding than this? trista is more interested in showing fake, obnoxious laughs and showing off her tits, which i gotta to admit looks, erm, good. maybe thats the main reason why the network executives screened this show in the first place. but, wah liau eh, the schmoozy woozy is so bloody fake it makes the spine of mine chiledl. and o, they did get a million bucks to showwwwwwwwwwwcase their “love” or whatever that is.

2) American Idol

ah here’s a bummer. what has “I LOVE YOU RAMESH!”, “THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY LIFE DEAR, I FEEL SO LUCKY!” and more SMSes have to do with people trying to sing in the middle of the show? gosh. i am trying to find out what are these SMS people trying to do in the first place. don’t they have a brain that says, “Hey I can send this SMS straight to him/her!”. like duh. or maybe these oh-so-lovey-dovey-mooey-gooey-dopey couples are just PLAIN SHOWOFFS. but, ive gotta admit, since the show has entered its finals, im getting rather bored with the polished contestants and performances and whatever there is left. it’s boring. no, SUPER BORING. why? cos u have come to be expected..oh this performer will be like this and like this, yadda yadda yadda…it’s like watching Hiburan Minggu Ini in english minus zack zainal. yelch. and besides all their songs are so unoriginal and covers by other artistes. which deems like they wont make it big anyway. or so if i tot.


thank goodness they screened The Kumars at No. 42. or whatever the title is. and tony adams was actually funny.

and i can’t see why most singaporeans can’t be interested in shows like that.

ok end.


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