Quotes overheard when Mat HipHop influxed zeeyoook.

Mat: “Eh kau nak gi mana!?”

Minah: “Sana.”

Mat: “Apa ni kau?? Asik nak gi jalan ajer?? Sini sudah lah!!”

Minah: “Tak nak.”

Lain kali gi bawak tali.

Oh, Mat nye Member: “DOK! DRINKS FREE DOK!”


Hip to the yeh to the yo

Waduh, waduh.

Mental Note: Never, EVER, attend ANY event pertaining to Hip-Hop

Shi(o)te of the day: Chingay. (Why oh why oh why)

And in football…

Question Of The Day: Why do we say after a draw that ‘the points were shared’ when clearly one point of the three has gone missing?

ok thats about it.


Umpama mimpi dalam mimpiiiiiiii….

I had the strangest of dreams last night. Must be the rain I guess. I dreamt of you. Yes you, The BK Mam. it started out ordinarily, having dinner, chatting, yakking till a friend of mine (damn you, why must u appear in the dream) and spoilt the sanctuary of the dream. It turns out that BK Mam suddenly diverted the attention to this gnome. And I was reflecting and pondering about what luck must I get.

Maybe it was something that I told you yesterday.

Sampai terbawak-bawak dalam mimpi, you!

Dah tu ajer.

Oh one more thing, we need a woman bassist. For the reasons unknown. Are you game enough? You don’t have to be Rebecca Brown-ish, BUT….bleah I rather not say. Come forward if interested.

Ah lagi satu, sapa nak gi tengok Incubus? Jom, jom!

Ok, dah tu ajer.