Great Expectations
Ch. 13-16
p. 99

“It is a most miserable thing to feel ashamed of home. There may be a black ingratitude I the thing and the punishment may be retributive and well deserved, but that it is a miserable thing, I can testify… Home had never been a very pleasant place to me, because of my sister’s temper. But, Joe had sanctified it, and I believed in it…. Within a single year all this was changed. Now, it was all coarse and common, and I would not have had Miss Havisham and Estella see it on any account.”

This quote is from Pip’s mind. He is thinking how much he hates his home right now. He never liked it because of his sister’s temper, but, he had always held out hope for how the future would be. Now he is ashamed of his home because of how it would look to Mrs. Havisham and Estella. Pip always compares things to how their standards would be on something. Pip hates his new position as Joe’s apprentice, he finds the work menial and common. He now has no hope for the future because he is so disappointed with being an apprentice. When he was little he thought being an apprentice would be great and that he would love it. Now he hates it and isn’t sure how anything will turn out anymore. Pip had assumed too soon how his future would be, and now that he is disappointed he no longer feels there is anything good in store for him.

People should never jump to conclusions or assume things too soon because they me be proved wrong or disappointed.

Pip was disappointed with the future he chose, so now he just needs to choose a different one. It seems that he wants a future that is sophisticated and wealthy like Miss Havisham and Estella are.



Jikalaulah gua bleh belajar kat sini.

Jikalaulah gua dimansuhkan ke skolah tersebut, gua bercadang dan berkebolehan memajukan tahap seni perfileman melayu. agaknyalah tu.

tapi gua lebih gemar jikalau diberi peluang untuk membuat penggambaran dokumeteri. ntah asal.

ok reserbish tiga hari dah habis. badan rasa macam nak demam. tonsil dah terkeluar. macam mana tak, tiap-tiap 30 minit isap itu sampoerna. ini stail kalo gua bikin hari-hari, gua rasa gua mampos bila umur gua tak capai 30 tahun.

tak boleh rasa duit CPF camtu.

tapi tetap gua rilek.

ah, lagi satu, hujung minggu ni gua dah mencecah “Silver Jubilee”. cam siak. makin tua. makin tak hemsem. makin lemau.


Hari kedua di alam Reserbish. Ini adalah sebahagian aturcara yang gua bikin pada hari ni kat kem:-

0745hrs: Report
0800hrs: Break
0830hrs: Tidur
1000hrs: Test crane
1020hrs: Tertidur tepi crane
1100hrs: Test crane lagi
1200hrs: Makan
1300hrs: Balik meeting room
1305hrs: Rokok
1315hrs: Tidur
1505hrs: Rokok lagi
1525hrs: Tidur balik
1655hrs: Rokok lagi
1725hrs: Bebual ngan members lama
1730hrs: Balik

Penat Saks!! Tidur lama sangat bleh buatkan badan jadi lemah.

Tapi gua rilek.

Ni lagu entah kenapa gua skarang tergila-gilakan. Dah “on-loop” sebanyak 23 kali.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Zephyr Song

Can I get your hand to write on
Just a piece of lead to bite on
What am I to fly my kite on
Do you want to flash your light on
Take a look it’s on display – for you
Coming down no not today

Did you meet your fortune teller
Get it off with no propellor
Do it up it’s always stellar
What a way to finally smell her
Pick it up it’s not to strong – for you
Take a piece and pass it on

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more then ever
And in this perfect weather
We’ll find a place together
Fly on my wing

Riddlin on liberator
Find a way to be a skater
Rev it up to levitator
Super mainly aviator
Take a look it’s on display – for you
Coming down no not today

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more then ever
And in this perfect weather
We’ll find a place together
In the water where the scent of my emotion
All the world will pass me by
Fly away on my zephyr
We’ll find a place together

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa – do you
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa – won’t you
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more then ever
And in this perfect weather
We’ll find a place together

In the water where the scent of my emotion
All the world will pass me by
Fly away on my zephyr
We’re gonna live forever

Mungkin pasal liriknyer, mungkin pasal “strumming” dia, mungkin pasal “drum loops” dia. Tapi, tetap powerkedemaks.


NS has been the bedrock of Singapore’s peace and prosperity for the past 34 years of our history as an independent state. For a small state like Singapore, our survival depends on the ability of our NSmen to go into action within a very short time. After all, the bulk of the SAF’s strength comes from our NSmen who fight shoulder-to-shoulder with the regulars in the defence of Singapore.

hahaha. yuh rrright.


Jadi apa dia?

gua suka gi melawat blog blog lain bila gua boring. macam macam stail yang ada. ada yang kelakar, ada yang bleh menguatkan situasi keedaran otak, ada yang membolehkan gua menerajui ke dalam dunia ahli doktor, dan ada yang membolehkan gua tengok gambar lawa-lawa.

Jadi apa dia?

gua slalu tengok diaorang nye blog, ada ni seksyen yang slalu mencuitkan hati, dan kadang-kadang membuatkan gua rasa “geli”.





jadi APA dia?

gua hidup dalam dunia yang segalanya diubahsuai jadi Kebetulan Politik, ataupun dalam bahasa owangputih, “Politically Incorrect.” segala-galanya dicakap dengan teliti. tak boleh disalah anggap, jikalau yea, habis dibuai oleh Sistem Masyarakat.

sebenarnya, gua tidak kisah ni semua. apa orang lain nak buat, dia nya kisah, bukan gua. tapi untuk melihat situasi dimana SEMUA lapisan orang mempamerkan Kebetulan Politik Numero Uno, ni dah bleh buatkan gua bersesak nafas. tercekik kadang-kadang. mungkin ini adalah gara-gara globlasisasisiassis (ah sudah, malas gua nak eksyen cakap bahasa melayu tulen) GLOBALISATION.

jadi, jikalau anda mahu apa apa komen, tulislah komen-komen yang berpatutan. jikalau nak kritik, kritik. lagi bagus. jangan hidup di belakang sandaran ilusi kebaikkan.



apa dah jadi kat aku ni???

The White Stripes – I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart

I want to be the boy to warm your mother’s heart
I’m so scared to take you away
I tried to win her over right from the start
But something always goti nt he way
We’ve been sitting in your backyard for hours
But she won’t even come out and say hi
While my mother baked a little cake for you
And even dreaded when you said goodbye

What kind of cartwheels do I have to pull?
What kind of joke should I lay on her now?
I’m inclined to go finish hight school
Just to make her notice that I’m around

Well nothing I come up with seems to work
It feels like everything I say is a lie
And never have I felt like such a jerk
I’m afraid to even open my eyes
Because I really don’t want her to judge me
I want her to really know who I am
And the, and only then will she love me
Well at least that was the plan

If ever a boy needed a holiday
If ever a girl needed someone to hold
I just hope I don’t act the same way
By the time that I get that old

I never said I was the heir to a fortune
I never claimed to have any looks
But these kind of things must be important
Because somebody ripped out my page
In your telephone book

I want to warm her heart