the sweet silver song of a lark


3 days of scouring, shouting, screaming, singing…somehow, this visit is more emotional compared to 2001’s. thank technology for that, probably.

for me, the highlight was indefinitely singing ynwa on the banks of the river right in front of them. well, xavi and carra, specifically. (if only there was finnan. oh how we missed the irish lad.) carra was stumped, xavi actually managed a smile and waves, kuyt was actually amiable and sammy lee, bless him, was sporting as always. even rafa acknowledged he found the singing along the river was very, erm, emotional. no kidding. except for the fucking irritating cavern emcee who keeps on and on egoing himself. idiot.

as for the match, it was justifiable. only the section that we were sitting were motionless most of the time. i swear i can hear a pin drop in most parts of the 1st half. no singing, no cheering, just sitting and mumbles. luckily it did pick up a bit in the 2nd half.

and words of advice to noh alam shah and indra shahdan: dont be a fucken prima donna. you shld be glad yourselves that you are actually playing against one of the top teams in the world. of course you shld know who the people are rooting for. BODOH NYE MAMATS.

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shifting goal posts

Who Really Is To Blame
I’m blaming all of United woes on AIG and those ridiculous bonuses.
Mike (Straw grasping) Garcia, Toronto

now, now a word of advise to the pool fans – relax. don’t go overboard. the last time pool went on a scoring rampage, they went for a good 2 weeks international break and came back firing blanks after which. remember 2 seasons ago? after the drubbing of derby county? hopefully you still do.

if you are still trying to figure out why they are scoring by the bucketloads, lemme sarip give the simple reason – they simply do not have to. pool vs villa games are always in favor to pool anyway. reason being? villa don’t play aggro footie, unlike other teams. easy peasy. look at the past results. there are some teams that pool tend to do well (e.g. villa) and bad (e.g. irritatingly boro). so do the math. another reason why they are firing on all cylinders? because nobody expects them too. pool tends to do well when nobody expects them to do well, or in this case, win. technically. we’ll see how the famous pool choke hold will come to make its appearance once they are expected to grind out a result. i’ve been too long as a pool fan to acknowledge the high hopes feeling and then having theheart crushed to pieces when you expect them to do well. we are so used to disappointments. heh.

and that will be the time when the usual suspects will make your heart boil and your mind spinning.

i’m looking at you dirk kuyt and to many an extent, the stubborn rafa.


sarip never thought he said this – but he now actually like that guy above. credit given when it is due, sarip guessed. after tonight’s match, finally sarip can forgive him for that 2 own goals in ’99. yes, sarip carried that grudge for that long. mebbe, possibly reason why he seems assured this time round is because he’d ditched wearing long-sleeved jerseys. for. the first. time. possibly to throw away a curse. it’s been working so far. but the devil months of nov and dec are historically bad months for pool. hopes! maybe it’s time to change!

but. nice. finally. won. and lampard looks shit. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. -grins- gerard 2010!

sing only when yer winning

sarip’ve said previously he gave up hope on watching soccer, but that pool match against man citeh was one good jolly battle.

and The Kunt actually scored? jolly be good. but he should’ve had scored 2 before so bleah. but pool actually won after 2 goals down? mamma mia!

now sit down rubber boy before saying title here it comes to pool. it was a tough match, but it was actually down to some queer faults in the first place. fabio aurelio belongs more to be a fabio than a left back. his mistake did produce the error for the first goal. kunt, as always, loses the ball and is a hot hot chicken shit, pardon for the tap in. and now with the injury to skrtel, my my that’ll screw up the stability front, even though daniel agger is a capable replacement. but we all know what happened last year after agger suffered a long term injury, pool lost momentum like as always in the months of nov and dec.

one thing sarip feels as to why pool started quite well early this season is because alonso’s on form right now. the bugger is notoriously slow to pick up the pace in the beginning part of the previous seasons, so let’s hope he’d continue his form at the mo.

and sort out that left back slot. fabio gives sarip heart attacks.

match day 12: ‘pool vs fulham

match: at last the monkey’s off the back. and at last some sense were made by rafa, albeit (lots) of luck were carried into them. the first half was atrociously bad and not surprisingly it is down to the usual suspect. rafa tried to experiment using riise and aurelio switching positions often in the match and it created disharmony on the left side of the pitch. because of this, the movement off the ball was ridiculously poor and this makes benayoun to be overworked on the right side of the field. only ONE shot was made on target in the first half, crouch unluckily hitting the bar right at the end of the half.

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match day 11: blackburn vs ‘pool


match: another game, another frustrating event for all ‘pool fans. admittedly (most) pool fans were just hoping that ‘pool will keep the unbeaten record in the league against the on form blackburn team. however, as the match wore on, traits of the ‘classic’ ‘pool team was finally let out in full effect – lousy finishing, bad tactics and pure senile riise doing things that’s beyond understanding. ‘pool should’ve won the match, but threw it away again.

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pay slip

more here. for a very limited player that he is, he seems to be earning loads. waaaaaaaaay loads. i can also ram the ball as hard as possible without much direction or spraying wayward crosses across the park. and at least i think i have a better haircut.

truly, a jalanpukimakulah thing.

match day 10: ‘pool vs the arse

match: i still support ‘pool as ever been. for someone to grow up amongst the setan supporters, it is an identity i held close to myself with. but being a so-call-die-hard-supporter, i have to admit some failings and false expectations that befell the club, players and its fans especially. both 3 entities are falling itself short at the moment in expecting the club has a god given right to win everything in sight. cue in proportion: it ain’t gonna happen, aite? when a team is playing negatively almost ALL the time, don’t expect them to win, at all.

yesterday’s match was an eye opener for any fans to see. ‘pool. just. can’t. play. they have honest players, honestly, but possibly in view of the environment in ‘pool itself, they seem to be so blue coloured and direct and one-dimensional in their play. anyone can blame the manager for chopping and changing (even though it is 50% true), but players are to be blamed too. when you see a fullback as inept as riise, you know that ‘pool will never, ever, win the league. when you see your captain keeps running on and on without much purpose, you know something will never be right. and when you see a headless chicken called dirk kuyt, a striker playing on the right flank, you know it’s better to just not hope for much. no complains here, but (most) people expected the arse to give a good footballing spanking to the pool. and it almost did. arse’s goal was a superb one touch counter play football that makes jamie carragher a lump of tard and the arse were unlucky not to grab all 3 points if not for the post or 2 wasted balloned rebound shots.

one thing that can be noted so clearly from this match is the difference in level of fitness between the 2 teams. for a team that emphasises on rotation and “freshness”, the pool players seemed to be very exhausted by the 75th minute wheres the arse who’s team players have been playing week in and week out still looks vibrant to the last minute. surprise?

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ping pong playa

this is odd. i’m really glad that ‘pool lost this morning. for what it matters, ending bottom of the group and (hopefully) getting kick out from europe altogether is the best thing to occur thus! leaving ample time and energy to concentrate the domestic league. please!

+ sarip’s favouritest song of the year has been pimped up. this version is super fabber!

+ now who will ever predicted this but robert downey jr as a supahero? not concerned much ’bout the movie but the trailer is mak datok best pasal ada lagu iron man kugiran cik ozzy.

+ and also, i am legend looks like a show when a pursuit of happyness had an illicit affair with 28 days later what with the empty streets of n.y. still, the will ripples with muscles.

+ talking about a pursuit of happyness, my forever qualms of being the richest mat in the kampung has always met variable success. aparently so. but! this article is a good read to. start. all. over. again.

In summation, don’t fall for the schemes or simply try to “look” rich. You can obtain tangible wealth, but it usually requires work, a respect of money, and time. That is what most millionaires do; need I say more.

+ what’s wrong with food nowdays? fried mars lah, fried coke lah and now ramen with ice cream! holy cow! the sight itself can make me puke a gajillion times.

link via boing boing

+ anyway, it’s been fun! fun! fun! during this one week of holidays. no students mean no menyenyeh left right top bottom (!?). and apa lagi, it’s fun and games satu minggu all! kalaulah macam gini all the way, makan ular and everything…

match day 9: ‘pool vs everton

match: ‘pool has always been very poor and negative on their away games. it is still a mystery as to why rafa tends to be so cautious and unimaginative during these games. no team has ever won the premiership if they always start negatively in their away games. prior to this match, they have only won 2 away, albeit against teams who were not on form (villa on the starting day of the season) or sub-standard (sunderland). how in the great vastness of the universe can a team win with both mascherano and the headless chicken of sissoko start a game as the 2 main central midfielders?

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why liverpool will not win the title. again.


1. currently, they have the 2 most slowest central defenders in the league. carragher, though spiritful at times, tend to be slower against nimble attackers and cannot pass the ball properly to save his skin. he tends to hoof the ball into the air all the time and creates little movement for his central midfielders to operate. hypia, meanwhile, is just freaking old and creaking. he can’t win headers anymore, which is to his trait his only decent contribution. he’d lost that however.

2. having a right footed fullback playing leftback is never, ever, a good policy to begin with. arbeloa can play, but is limited because he will cut in to pass the ball whenever he moves forward. this, completely destroys any attacking forays down the left. never ever before a team has won with that kind of player playing as left back. case in point? winterburn, irwin, cole and now evra have been instrumental in protecting the left slot as well as contribution to attack up front.

3. even though they are flourished with central midfielders, benitez cannot make his mind who is his best 2 central pairing. again, all teams who had won the premiership had the intelligence of their best pairings in central midfield to develop understanding and partnership. just look back into the past to see viera and petit, keane and scholes and most recently lampar(d) and makalele.

4. again, no decent left wingers. currently only benayoun make a decent choice for the role of left wing, but as expected he rarely starts a game. bummer.

5. the team depends too much on gerard making him too big of an ego for the team. this is not good as whenever gerard does not play well, others follow suit. he seems to have lost his tenacity and drive and is too one dimensional depending only his hard shots to save his play. either he picks himself up and motivate his team mates or else is better off somewhere else. case in point? look at the teams who shipped out their true marquee players and how the team responded after their departure (henry, keane, cantona). it seems a whole lot of pressure has been lifted from the rest of the team.

6. reina needs to change his jersey number. just a hunch.

7. rafa not chewing more gum and wearing his ugly collection of ties. and please, shave off that goatee.

8. carlsberg is the sponsor. it’s a curse i tell you.

9. voronin needs to cut his ponytail. babel is better at right wing. crouch needs to do his robot dance as a crowd pleaser. and sissoko to don a beard ala osama. riise has the worse haircut, ever. and somebody, anybody please give credit to steve finnan as he is by far the best player (besides torres) at the moment.

10. alex ferguson is still alive.

hands up rotator


it’s better that ‘pool lost this morning. better still if they’ll lose the next one. BETTER STILL if they don’t even qualify for the next stage or uefa cup this season.


just because so rafa won’t meddle around with his squad and rotate ridiculously for ‘pool’s league games. doesn’t he realise that the way he’s rotating players at such a constant rate is destroying players’ momentum? this is not a video game for god’s sake, where assumption of clicking together by default will take place smoothly.

and it is oh so not surprising to lose yesterday when players like aurellio, sissoko and, everyone’s personal fav, crouch starting the game. is it not a coincidence that ‘pools poor form arrived the moment rafa’s love child (aurellio) started playing? hmmm.

oh well rafa…just stop. rotating. players. you complained last season that the board did not give you enough money to get your desired players. those players are already there but you are not playing them, so i am still waiting what your next reason /complain will be. we don’t even know who our best starting 11 is right now. that should give you a strong damnation to stop what you’re doing NOW.

no fear

“…Nobody will blame us until we are 35 years from now, when the problem is here, then people will say, ‘What kind of Government did we have 35 years ago, never taking care of us today…’

– Tha Godfadja Lee, Straits Times 24th July

35 years from now, sarip sees why people are so dumb 35 years ago to believe something that has not happened but were just being hypnotized by words of fear. 2042 here we come!

we have to stop this fear for the future thing. i thought we were supposed to be living positively, yes?


same goes to rafa. just bloody well put on torres and not trying to put spikes on his bum for every league game. we do not want the champions league, we just want the premier league. don’t be greedy and wanting to have all when you can just concentrate on one which has been thirst by lots for so long.

match day 5: ‘pool vs pompey


match: well, it just had to happen. after the euphoria of the abundance of goals in the previous match, liverpool came back knocking down to earth with this one. rafa can blame that the international break disrupts his plans, but to me it is just a lame excuse for getting a bad result. liverpool did come close however with voronin hitting the bar early on but were fortunate that reina made a great penalty save albeit a weak kick taken by kanu. the only positive side that can be taken from this match is the apparent weakness that can be seen. ‘pool really needs a left-footed left back as arbeloa, decent as he is, seems to be restricted in his movement with the tendency to cut back rather than go to the byline. also this match was lost in midfield where alonso looking tired and sissoko was being sissoko again. oh well, it’s going to be the typical away liverpool trauma again like seasons past…

players: benayoun stood out early in the match with his direct running and enthusiasm. reina was superb in the penalty save but nothing much else. he has a tendency to hurt his own players though with finnan being the victim this time. voronin looks to be a real class act what with his superb control of the ball and sublime technique. of the lot that played, sissoko and crouch look the most disappointing. crouch does not possess any trait of a predatorand being the tallest of the lot could not muster a decent head of the ball. sissoko keeps losing the ball, tackles wrongly and keeps running astray. both him and crouch are substitutes at best and should only come on when ‘pool are winning a game and not trying to sustain one.

interesting note: if rafa said that he wants to rest his important players first, what is the deal of putting all his 3 trump cards late on the match? like what the commentator said, it’s a case of too little too late. what, the chances of a player not getting injured late in the game is not as much as early on? what bollocks.

man-of-the-match: none. except for reina for that bit part.

match rate: 5.5 /10

rivals update: slowly but sickeningly surely, manure is rising up the table what with 3 consecutive 1-0 victories. they’ve not found form but are still winning. dangerous signs there. but arsenal keeps up the winning momentum but one has to wonder how much energy has been sapped from them with those emotional victories.

match day 4: ‘pool vs derby


match: flurry of goals are never a trait of rafa’s play. but so far this week 10 goals have been scored by 7 different players. not bad at all. nice bit of rotation and tactical nous. however, one should also note that derby played horrendously bad and should not breathe a slight of expectation for the title. yet. it’s a nice delight to see babel score that exquisite piece of goal, dummying 2 derby defenders and a crisp shot into the net. the substitutions looked good and did not slow down the momentum of play. all in all, the current squad looked very good except for the dearth of numbers in central defense. that will be a cause of worry should any of hypia or agger suffers any injuries. fingers crossed.

players: pennant, again, looked exceptionally good today. his crosses, direct play, enthusiasm and control of the ball were excellent. there was one play that really caught the eye when he managed to keep the ball in play by just a few centimetres before going out of the field and STILL managed to keep the ball AND beat a defender. his harlem-globetrotters-no-look-pass to torres early in the first half was pure class. mascherano was excellent and bossing the centre of the field with his tackles and eye for the killer pass. his crunching tackle led to torres’ first goal. he should be starting matches more often to give that stability in midfield and defense. finnan looked like a rookie 20 year old galloping up and down the field. it’s a bit of a worry too should he be injured as there is no one yet in the squad that can cover for him and one should note that he’s already 30 and not much years will be left in him.

of all the lot and has been seen so far this season, kuyt was a disappoinment. totally. his selfish play and harried decisions caused a lot of lost possessions. it was quite a surprise that voronin came on for babel instead of him when all match long kuyt commited a lot of mistakes let alone influencing the game.

interesting note: this football channel really sucks to the stratosphere. i do not understand how starhub can steal money from us and proclaims that it’ll be better than espnstarsports. the host is boring and keeps smiling his chee-ko-pek grin, their guests are horrible and for goodness sake 10 minutes of the match was cut off and we had to listen to the droning talk of the 3 bubblegoonies. suddenly paul masefield seems more cerebral than these buffons from ten sports. bring back the espn team lah!

rivals update: one has to note that despite injuries and suspensions to its main players, despite playing horribly wrong, that manure have won their last 2 matches speaks of something. frickin’ buggers.

match rate: 7/10

match day 3: ‘pool vs sunderland


match: last season, ‘pool went to sheffield united on the opening day of the season. they were expected to win the match, but everyone should know that ‘pool always struggle against teams who play physically and backed by a raucous home support. coincidentally, they succumbed to the match, played badly and was lucky to earn a point via a dubious penalty. a case of deja vu was frighteningly expected for yesterday’s match, what with the red and white stripes and black shorts combo of the home team. however signs were pleasing in the early stages of the match with voronin coming close to score in the 1st minute after a bad backpass by the home team, only to be spoiled by the agile and alert craig gordon. it was unfortunate to have injuries to hypia and then carragher to spoil rafa’s plans – just like last year when inhuries to riise and garcia spoilt the momentum of ‘pool’s game. and as the match wore on, ‘the liverpool trait’ was becoming more apparent. possession was held over and over again, shots were raining in but still no end result. this due to some inept killer instinct and the superb sunderland keeper keeping things at bay.

players: the positive thing that can be taken off from this game was pennant’s game. he seems to be picking up from the end of last season to indicate that he can become a class act. his drive and enthusiasm plus his directness and eye for the killer pass was instinctive. it was him who pulled back alonso’s lob for voronin to lay it to sissoko to score the first goal. it was him too who combined well with babel with a killer one-two for voronin’s goal. give him more games and freedom and soon everyone can say ‘simao who?’ other than that one-two, babel’s game was disappointing. possibly so, he was not given enough room and freedom to explore the left side. possibly also because he has little support from arbeloa unlike pennant who has finnan to attack the right flank. it should be very obvious for rafa to note that he needs a left back that can run the flank. torres was energetic with little luck but voronin looks to be a very class act. and even though he scored the first goal, sissoko was as usual running like a headless chicken losing possession very often.

man of the match: jermaine pennant

interesting moment: when carragher was shouting to the bench that he needs to substituted but rafa apparently was more interested in replacing babel. i wonder what he shouted at rafa when he reached the touchline. amazing.

match rate: 6.5/10

match day 2: ‘pool vs chelsea


match: everyone will be talking about that penalty, but let’s be honest people, ‘pool was totally disappointing after that goal. unlike chelsea who made better use of the ball, ‘pool’s distribution was utterly non existant. instead of passing the ball from defense to the flanks, ‘pool repeatedly keeps hoofing the ball forward for the forwards to chase a lost cause. this creates little buffer zones for the midfield to start their options while putting extra pressure for them to track back. i think i saw gerard making last ditch tackles in the box a couple of times. commendable, but, unneccessary in the first place.

rafa’s gameplan was irritatingly confusing. he keeps employing his faith in arbeloa and riise on the left while leaving out mascherano. he should’ve seen that riise cannot beat essien one on one and should’ve replaced him with babel early on. but babel came on for pennant who at that point of time was looking more dangerous with his runs and crosses. and when crouch came on for riise, it was unbelievable as there are no wingers to play on to when crouch works best when the crosses are coming in from the flanks.

players: torres was completely anonymous in the second half, possibly after getting a knock at the end of the first half. riise keeps slamming and bashing with no direct cause. the opportunity that he got in the second half was woefully missed when he could had taken his time and aimed, at least at goal. alonso was again unauthoritative, slow and keeps losing possession. gerard didn’t play his ‘a’ game and kuyt was running like a headless chicken.

interesting find: i’ve rarely heard anfield as dead as was yesterday.

man of the match: michael essien

rating: 6/10

the better news: the scum lost. :)

match day 1: ‘pool vs villa


match: it was okaaaay considering this is the first match of the season. the first half was much better than the second. but ‘pool being ‘pool, they did not kill off the game when the door was wide open for them to. again, chances were left begging and it was inevitable that villa will squeeze one in albeit via the penalty kick. in the second half, possession was regularly lost in midfield, the attackers seem wayward in the shooting and defenders were left scrambling for the ball. it’s a blessing that gerard scored, but how many times does ‘pool have to depend on him?

players: of all the lot, riise, alonso and sissoko were utterly disappointing. riise seems to be the weakest link in my opinion. he’s very one dimensional and tends to run one on one without much direction and purpose. the only salvage he has is his powerful left foot, but how it was being utilised was much disappointed. alonso meanwhile was slow and keeps loosing possession. in the second half, he lost his positioning and the distribution was bad. sissoko being the sickoko, looks subdued and cannot keep possession of the ball. especially in the later stages of the game when his defensive duties are mostly anticipated of but disappoints by giving the ball away far too cheaply.

of the players that caught the eye, ryan babel it is. he’s strong, quick and has a footballing brain. it’s a surprise that he did not start the game and must or should start the next one with riise going to the bench. torres was unlucky but he’ll (hopefully) get there. too many shots but only 2 on target.

funny quip: heard from the presenter “that’s why defenders hate attackers because they’re very sneaky…”. d’oh!

man-of-the-match: gerard.

match rate: 6.5/10